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About Bank of Oakfield

Locally owned and operated, Bank of Oakfield has met the needs of Fond du Lac County for over 115 years. As a community bank, we provide local service for individuals, businesses and farmers across the community. Once you get to know us, our friendly staff will greet you by name and you’ll know the bank officers’ doors are always open. Stop in and meet our team at any of our offices in Oakfield, Brandon, or Van Dyne.

Meet Bank of Oakfield’s Officers

Ryan T. Kamphuis - President & Chief Executive Officer
MLO NMLS ID# 461094

John L. Sullivan - Chief Credit Officer
MLO NMLS ID# 461444

Valerie E. Spindler - Chief Financial Officer

Brad W. Grant - Regional Vice President
MLO NMLS ID# 1532541

Dawn M. Rosetti - Vice President
MLO NMLS ID# 776834

Scott D. Giltner - Vice President
MLO NMLS ID# 469853

Cynthia R. Laubenstein - AVP - Administration Officer

Angela K. Streblow - AVP - Loan Administration
MLO NMLS ID# 1068420

Meet Bank of Oakfield’s Lenders

Michael E. Pogorelec - Consumer Loan Originator
MLO NMLS ID# 1534822

Brian B. Mace - Consumer Loan Originator
MLO NMLS ID# 1690111

Michael L King - Fond du Lac Branch Manager
MLO NMLS ID# 1258883

Meet Bank of Oakfield’s Personal Bankers

Kathryn J Shafer - Oakfield Office
MLO NMLS ID# 1655205

Kari L Kraemer - Brandon Office
MLO NMLS ID# 1654345

Board of Directors

Michael T. Nolan, Chairman of the Board
Ryan T. Kamphuis
Russell W. Kamphuis
Alan D. VerHage
Linda K. Wendt
Gary A. Collien
Paul W. Rosenfeldt
Monty G. Belmer, DVM
Daniel J. Knaus

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an outstanding independent community bank. We serve individuals and businesses in and around Oakfield, Brandon and Van Dyne, providing valuable and profitable financial products and services all while delivering a sound return to our stockholders.


In its early history, Oakfield was fortunate to have several entrepreneurs who saw and courageously acted upon a number of opportunities to offer financial services. The Bank of Oakfield is a result of one of those opportunities. Long before we became Bank of Oakfield, a business by the name of Bristol and Worthing operated in the Oakfield community. One outgrowth of that business was a store called the Bristol and Morgan Company that, in the late 1800’s, also provided a safe place for farmers to keep their money after they sold products at market. Eventually, the Bristol-Morgan Company moved across the street (to the building known today as Cowles-Henke Insurance) and decided to separate the store operations and financial services, as private banks were allowed in Wisconsin at that time. The company surrounded the property with a security fence and dedicated the front of the building to banking. Then, on February 22, 1898, the financial business became officially known as Bank of Oakfield.

Approximately three years later under the jurisdiction of the State Bank Commission, the Wisconsin legislature enacted a law that prohibited private banks, requiring incorporation as a state bank. As a result, on October 1, 1901 Bank of Oakfield officially became the bank you know today. F.J. Bristol was the first president with C.G. Morgan as vice president and W.E. Bristol as cashier and bookkeeper. J.J. Lurvey and A.J. Worthing were added as directors in 1904.

Today, Bank of Oakfield sits on the same plot of land where the original Bristol & Morgan Company once stood.

Since those early days, we have expanded to provide services to neighboring communities. In 1995, Bank of Oakfield opened a branch in Van Dyne, and shortly after that, in 1999, a branch in Brandon became part of the Bank of Oakfield family.

In January of 1999 the stockholders of Bank of Oakfield officially voted to form a holding company named Oakfield Bancorp., Inc.